When I'm not busy planning weddings and creating floral arrangements, you'll find me cooking dinner, drinking wine, and drinking wine while cooking dinner. I love to travel. Charleston, Chicago, Cabo, and a small vineyard just south of Nashville top the list of my favorite places. In the off season, you can probably find me in a furniture store pretending I'm an interior designer. Confession: I always order extra flowers so I can place them around my home as if a magazine is coming over to photograph. I can't wait until the day I have a studio to style!

Lastly, I believe in the power of confetti. There's nothing in the world that can turn adults into wide eyed children as quickly as falling confetti. Every wedding should have a little!

If I haven't completely bored you, email me at emily@confeteevents.com so we can set up a time to talk. It's one of my favorite hobbies!



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Hey bride!

I'm the lead planner and floral designer at Confête Events. Most days you can find me working in my PJ Harlow pajamas on my couch while watching LIVE with Kelly with my intern. I am mostly known for my outgoing and often loud personality. If you've been referred by a friend, you have probably heard me called Razzle a time or two...a college nickname I just can't shake.

I love serving brides by making wedding planning as stress free as possible. I work with brides who desire simple pleasures...your first look with your groom, a kiss on the cheek, a moment with your family. These moments are what make your day YOUR day. I am lucky enough to be involved in one of the most important events of your life and to be able to give you the tools you need to enjoy your engagement. Because I am not married, I can still look forward to where you are right now. I can relate to the challenges of keeping up with trends and keeping within a budget. Come over, wear your pjs, we'll Pinterest stalk together!