This is our primary offering. Our goal is to simplify the planning process so that our couples can be fully present during their engagement season. Venue scouting, vendor research, selection, and management, budgeting, and logistical planning are the main aspects that we will handle. We will lead the planning process throughout your entire engagement and will serve as your representative on your wedding day. This ensures a flawlessly executed event with unhurried timing so that the authenticity of the day can be felt and captured. Our goal is not only the end result but the meaningful moments that culminate to create that result. 

The way we bring our client's vision to life is one of our best assets. Creative brainstorming, color palette selection, linen sourcing, handmade installations, rental curation, branding, and, of course, floral design are several of the items that we will guide you through. Our goal isn't to create a wedding that just unfolds seamlessly but one that also bursts with sentiment, one that hat truly looks and feels like an outward expression of your relationship. To plan a celebration that evokes emotions that connect your guests with you as a couple. Our planning and execution strategies work hand in hand with our design and styling skills to create a truly memorable and personalized wedding. 


Our secondary offering is for our couples that have already begun to plan their wedding, but still desire and value elevated design and organization. Our goal is to accomplish a cohesive wedding aesthetic and make logistical decisions for your wedding party and vendors. Research, selection, management, and budgeting of design vendors are the main aspects that we will handle. We will assist you in conceptualizing the elements that create an atmosphere to remember including rental curation, linen sourcing, lighting, and event branding while ensuring the decisions you have already made will serve you well logistically on the weekend of your wedding. We will seamlessly execute the event.